Tuesday, July 3, 2007

#5a: Publishing your blogroll

If you'd like to publish your blog roll (see the advanced part), the first thing you'll have to do is set up a user name. This is different than the email account name you used to login to Bloglines. You can choose any name, it just has to be unique. It also cannot contain spaces, dashes (-), or slashes (/). For example, Joe Smith wouldn't work but JoeSmith will work.

To set your user name, click on Account in the upper right hand corner of the Bloglines screen and then click the Blog Settings tab. Enter your desired user name in the user name box. Make sure the box next to Yes, publish my Blogroll is checked. Then click save changes. It will give tell you if that username is already taken but another user.

If you're having problems, stop by the drop-in session on Thursday at 11:00, or leave a comment on that blog entry (or this one) and the Learning 2 team will be happy to lend a hand.